The effect of chitosan in preventing the adverse effects of aging on the germination and seedling development of corn plant

Gülay Zulkadir


In this study, in which the effect of chitosan coating on the aging process of a seed was investigated, the rapid aging times applied did not have a negative effect on the Gmax value of the seeds. Therefore, the effect of chitosan and aging treatments on seed germination and germination time at this stage could not be observed. In the examinations for seedling development, the values obtained on the 14th, 30th and 60th days were determined to be between 9.558-13.910 cm, 12.868-21.410 cm and 34.458- 66.243 cm for root length; 1.55-2.49 cm, 3.198-4.770 cm and 11,843-18,442 cm for seedling length; 0.173-0.280 g, 0.690-1.570 g and 2.508-5.903 g for fresh root weight; 0.170-0.240 g, 0.653-1.608 g and 3.413-16.273 g for fresh shoot weight; 0.018-0.030 g, 0.090-0.170 g and 0.248-0.553 g for dry root weight; 0.018-0.020 g, 0.083-0.188 g and 0.338-1.543 g for dry shoot weight; 0.150-0.250%, 0.600-1.418% and 2.163-5.358% for root moisture content; 0.150-0.220%, 0.570-1.420% and 3.075-14.728% for shoot moisture content, respectively. EC values were determined as 0.640-0.930 µS cm-1g-1 on the 30th day and 0.230-0.641 µS cm-1g-1 on the 60th day. Considering the general effects of the applications, the best results were obtained in A2B2 applications in the 14-day period, A1B1 in the 30-day period and A2B2 in the 60-day period. According to these results, it was observed that chitosan periodically increased the seedling growth in the maize plant. More research is needed on the effects of chitosan applications on germination and seedling growth.


Zea mays. Bio-stimulant. Storage life. Stamina. Seedling vigor

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